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Component Trolley Manufacturers in Pune

Fabpro Engineering, Pune is the leading Component Trolley Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers, & Exporters in Pune, Maharashtra. We specialize in providing the best quality industrial trolleys in Pune for hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, construction sites, industry, factories, and many other fields to store other types of components.

Our Component trolleys in Pune are made of the highest quality materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel for safety and long life. It is used to store different kinds of components including fruits, vegetables, steel materials, building materials, etc. We use the high quality materials such as steel or aluminum as well as advanced manufacturing processes to ensure that our trolleys are durable, reliable and able to withstand heavy loads.

What is Component trolley?

A component trolley, also known as a parts trolley, is a type of warehouse trolley that is designed to store and transport small parts and components within a workshop or storage facility. These trolleys are typically made from materials such as steel or aluminum, and feature multiple shelves or compartments for storing parts of different sizes and shapes.

Some common features of component trolleys include their load capacity, wheel size, and overall dimensions. It is equipped with additional features such as brakes, handles, or adjustable shelves. Component trolleys are ideal for use in workshops, garages, and other settings where small parts need to be easily accessible and organized.


  • Improve productivity and reduce downtime
  • Systematic storage and easy access to components
  • Increase quality
  • Easy to move
  • Customization options available to meet specific component storage requirements
Component Trolley Suppliers in Pune
Product Details
Wheel Four Wheel, Four-Wheel
Structure Platform
Condition New
Type Platform Trolley
Usage/Application Industrial
Loading Capacity (in Kg) 50-100 kg, 100-150 kg, 0-50 kg
Material Aluminium, Stainless steel, Stainless Steel

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