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Heavy Steel Structure Suppliers in Pune

Fabpro Engineering is the top leading Heavy Steel Structural manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, dealers in Pune, Maharashtra. Heavy steel structural refers to any metallic construction that is massive in weight and size typically used for industrial, commercial, or infrastructure purposes.

Design fabrication and installation of heavy steel working platform these types of platforms are modular structures which extend upwards primarily rather than horizontally. In order to create areas where objects may be stored simply and accessed fast, they frequently built walking paths and stairways. Due to their modular design, these platforms are typically built in a specialized fabrication facility before being transported to the designated site and put together. For sturdy, dependable structural steel platforms, we offer a variety of choices.


  • High strength and durability.
  • Excellent stability and resistance to earthquake, wind, and other loads.
  • Large span capabilities.
  • Fire-resistant.
  • Flexible designs and configurations.
  • Low maintenance required.

Uses of Heavy Steel Structure:

  • Industrial buildings such as factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants
  • Bridges and flyovers
  • Offshore oil rigs
  • Power plants and electrical substations
  • Sports stadiums and convention center
  • High-rise buildings and skyscrapers
  • Large storage tanks and silos
  • Mining and transport infrastructure like ports and railways
  • Large-scale construction project such as airports and seaports.
Heavy Steel Structural Manufacturers in Pune

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