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Warehouse Trolley Manufacturers in Pune

Fabpro Engineering is the leading Warehouse Trolley manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters in Pune, Maharashtra. We specialize in creating high-quality warehouse trolley that will streamline your logistics process and increase your productivity. Through our commitment to innovation and precision engineering, we can provide innovative solutions that meet the unique requirements of warehouse. We have designed different types of industrial trolleys in Pune for warehouse applications through advanced technology and engineering in accordance with a set of industry codes and standards.

Warehouse Trolley Manufacturers in Pune

We are the trusted manufacturers of warehouse trolley in Pune. We make sure that our esteemed customers can avail these trolleys from us at the best price and on time delivery. With the help of these warehouse carts, light and heavy materials such as full or empty containers, tires, machinery, tools, building materials and more can be easily transformed. It helps to improve your work efficiency, time management and productivity.

A warehouse trolley is a type of cart or dolly that is used to transport goods within a warehouse or storage facility. These trolleys are designed to be sturdy and durable, with the ability to carry heavy loads. They are typically made from materials such as steel or aluminum, and feature large wheels that can easily navigate over uneven surfaces.

Some common properties of warehouse trolleys include their load capacity, wheel size, and overall dimensions. These may also come equipped with additional features such as brakes, handles, or adjustable shelves.

Warehouse Trolley Dealers in Pune

Applications & Uses:

Warehouse trolleys, also known as material handling trolleys or carts, serve a variety of essential purposes in warehouses and industrial settings. Here are some common applications and uses of warehouse trolleys:

  • Transport of Materials: The main application of warehouse trolleys is the movement of supplies and products inside a warehouse or production facility. From small containers to larger, heavier goods, they can handle a variety of materials.
  • Order Picking: For order picking operations, trolleys are essential. It is easier to successfully fulfil customer orders when workers load them with goods from various warehouse sections.
  • Inventory management: Trolleys are useful with counting inventory and tracking. As they travel down the aisles, they can inventory items and adjust inventory records.
  • Loading and Unloading: Trucks and storage racks are frequently loaded and unloaded in warehouse trolleys. They make it possible the movement of goods from the loading dock to the location where they are to be stored.


  • Warehouse trolleys are typically built to withstand heavy use and are made from materials like steel, aluminum, or high-density plastic, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • They come in a variety of designs to suit different applications, including platform trolleys, hand trucks, pallet jacks, and specialized carts.
  • Ergonomically designed handles and grips provide comfort to the user and help with control and steering.

Q1: What is a warehouse trolley, and how is it used in warehouse operations?

A warehouse trolley is a wheeled cart or platform designed for the efficient movement of goods and materials within a warehouse. It simplifies the process of transporting, organizing, and distributing items.

Q2: Can I get customized warehouse trolleys to suit my specific needs?

Yes, many manufacturers offer custom design and fabrication services to create warehouse trolleys tailored to your unique requirements, including size, load capacity, and features.

Q3: How do I determine the load capacity for a warehouse trolley?

Load capacity is determined by the trolley's design, materials, and construction. Manufacturers specify the maximum load capacity, and it's crucial to match this to your warehouse's needs.

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